John Mundt, Esquire
Hi there!  My name is John Mundt, Esquire, and I am the artist/writer/creator of the independent comic book, The Adventures of Monkey, but I am also a freelance cartoonist.  I specialize in a sort of half-serious, half-comic art style that is perfect for spot illustrations, interesting logos, unique entertainment for events, or just for getting a cool drawing of your favorite comics, movie, or role-playing, character.  I've created works that have been displayed in the Wisconsin Capitol Building, appeared in the pages of other comics, and illustrated short stories, magazines, and newspaper articles.  I have also worked extensively in the realm of theatre.  I was Director of the Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, Community Theatre for several years, during which I did everything from design costumes and sets to write and/or direct a dozen major productions.  Recently, I have also begun to draw caricatures at charity event fund-raisers, "Special Days" in local communities, and even as part of high school Proms.
So, how much do I charge?  Well, it's a bit like asking "How much do you charge to mow a lawn?"  Some yards are simple rectangles of grass, where others may have rolling hills, multiple garden gnomes, or peculiar care instructions to work around.  I don't charge by the hour so much as I charge by the "difficulty."  Here are some of my standard fees, all of which are subject to change.....and to discounts!  Repeat and multiple order customers get deals!
If you have a favorite comic book or movie character, or perhaps a beloved roll-playing character, and you would like to see him or her in some nifty original artwork, I can provide many inexpensive choices -

Simple "Convention" Sketch - Perhaps just a nice close-up head-shot, or a quick figure drawing, the "Con" sketch is not as complicated as the picture to the left, so it's a lot cheaper - $10 un-inked, $15 inked, $20 w/color

Character Study - Like the drawing here of Yoda, a study is a more detailed work, which requires some research and background drawing - $15 un-inked, $25 inked, $50 w/color.
Every once in a while, a little drawing or two would spice up a publication of some sort.  Whether report, article, feature, story, or book, I can provide a unique graphic to illustrate your point!  Most publications have standard art-for-hire rates, but, for those who don't, here is what I have been charging -

Small Illustrations - Like some of these drawings of characters from the Land of Oz, $10 - $20 each, depending on size and complexity

Larger Illustrations - Usually similar to the Character Study, $25 - $50 black line work, $50 - $150 for color (usually painted)
Amazingly, I've depicted more than 12,000 faces since I began actively drawing caricatures at public events about eleven years ago.  It's hard to believe that I did so much work having so much fun!

The drawing in the photo is one that I did during an outdoor event (all "Event" caricatures are done on this larger, 18" x 24" poster-size paper).

I have two kinds of rate plans for most Caricature Drawing at Events;

1) The Hourly Fee Plan - The hosting organization pays a set fee, and the attendees are drawn for free.  The cost is $100 per hour, one hour minimum (and 27 cents per mile if the event is a long way from home) for events four hours and under in length.  Lengthier events may require "hazard pay," depending on the circumstances.

2) The Per Drawing Fee Plan - The hosting group pays a smaller fee, and attendees pay me to be drawn. The cost for this is $50 for the event, $7 per face.
Oh, let's see...I've also drawn logos for restaurants and web-sites, pigs and chickens for a farm supply company, graphics for text books and stationary, and even artwork for tattoos and motorcycle jackets.  These are just a few of the more "common" requests for art that I get.  It's just the tip of the iceberg of what I have done, or could do.  I'm sure that you have a great idea, or a need for one, that I can help with.  Feel free to send an e-mail request or question to, and we'll do some business (but be sure to write as early as you can...I get booked up pretty quickly)!  I also have a comic book cartooning lecture and workshop series.  Check that out at The Adventures of COMICS!
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