Autumn Creativity Contest
2004 Winners List

The Runner-Up Prize Winner is Brian Payne
for his illustrated entry, firefall

The Grand Prize Winner is Janessa Griffith
for her photographic entry, FallFiRE

Thank you to everyone who entered the FALLFIRE contest!

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The Runner-Up Prize Winning Entry
by Brian Payne of Des Moines, Iowa
The Grand Prize Winning Entry
by Janessa Griffith of Greenwood Village, Colorado
This entry,
Fall Silhouette,
was sent in by
Dennis McDonnell of Atlanta, Georgia
This photograph, titled Marquette,
was submitted by my wife, Vickie!
This entry,
was sent in by
Aaron Uglum of Mt. Sterling, Wisconsin
This untitled entry was submitted by
Greg Feiwel of Paducah, Kentucky (it's an image of Pike's Peak Park, which is actually only a couple of miles from WOMP H.Q.)
OK, I admit it...I took this picture myself!  It's a photo of Fort Crawford Museum, where I drew caricatures earlier this Autumn.  I guess it, too, is untitled.
This photo, titled
was sent in by an anonymous entrant.  That barn is about 3 blocks from WOMP H.Q., so I've narrowed the list down to two people.  If you took this pic, please send your name so I can credit you properly.
This drawing, which may be titled
Go, Monkey, GO!,
was sent in by Liam Lavadowska of Shoreview, Minnesota.  I know that it doesn't really have anything to do with FALLFIRE, but it's just so cool that I had to post it here anyway!