Second Annual Autumn Creativity Contest
The First Prize Winner is
David B. Crady
for his entry, Autumn is Burning

The Second Prize Winner is
Derek Anderson
for his entry, FALLFIRE

Five other entrants received Honorable Mention honors, including
Debra Boss, Janessa Griffith, Donna Horsfield,
Brian Payne, and Jake Stephens!

Thank you to everyone who entered the FALLFIRE contest!

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2005 Winners List
Watch this page over the next few days as I load the winning artwork, as well as some of the best of the other entries.
This is David Crady's Grand Prize winning entry, a poem/collage entitled Autumn is Burning.  Dave lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Here is FALLFIRE, the Second Prize winning entry from Derek Anderson, who is also from Minnesota.  It is actually a song, but I can only show you the lyrics.  That looked a little dull, so, for purposes of viewing it here on the WOMP-Site only, I put the tree background around it to make up for the fact that you can't listen to the music.

You were the one I always turned to
   The one who always knew just why
You were the one with all the answers
   I never dreamed we'd say "goodbye"

We tend our gardens, we plant we toil
   We cherish our dreams as we work the soil
We never believed we'd lose this land
   I can't believe it's taken from our hands

   From the start of the year the fates conspire
      We break our backs, we sweat, we tire
   From deepest river to highest spire
      Our spring dreams fade into Fallfire

The world I knew is quickly changing
   The dreams I once had have gone away
The hope I once felt has changed to mourning
   It's dark and I can't see the light of day


And now I hope we can see clearly
   We push the dark back to its proper place
We look to the future
   Now older, maybe wiser
To see the promise written on your face


Receiving an Honorable Mention was this untitled poem and photo from Debra Boss of Derry, New Hampshire.  Debi explains that this picture is of her "favorite creature (a moustache parakeet named Monet) with her fall apple crispy delight!"
Fallfire of leaves wave summer goodbye
Leaves crisp, apples crunch, time goes by
A plethora of colors burst forth then fly
As mother earth prepares for her long winter sigh.
An Honorable Mention also goes to last year's Grand Prize winner, Janessa Griffith (now of Denver, Colorado), for her photographic entry, Fall Fire on Ice!
Honorable Mention also goes to Donna Horsfield, of McGregor, Iowa, for her embellished drawing, Traditional Woodwind Player; Sounds of Fall!
Last year's Runner-Up Prize winner, Brian Payne, of Des Moines, Iowa, received an Honorable Mention this year for his poem, Indian Summer Sunset!
The final Honorable Mention award for 2005 goes to Jake Stephens, of an undisclosed location somewhere here in Wisconsin, for his piece entitled simply FALLFIRE.
There were so many great entries this year.  Here is one of the "best of the rest," a photo of a juvenile Cooper's hawk.  According to photographer Ted Pennekamp, of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, the image "was inspired by the annual fall migration of raptors...along the Mississippi River Flyway."
This provocative entry, entitled Amongst the Leaves, is the work of Dan Dittmer, of Hopkins, Minnesota.  I met Dan at this year's FALLCON in St. Paul and encouraged him to enter Fallfire 2.  Boy, am I glad he did!
This photographic entry, called Roots of Fall, is by Dennis McDonnell, of Atlanta, Georgia.  I love black and white photos!
This untitled, but beautiful, wall hanging was made by Janice Rider, of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  She explains that her Dad "is a resident of an area nursing home and is basically confined to his bed and a wheelchair."  She wanted to create this piece so that he might "enjoy the splendor of autumn at least one more season."  Thank you, Janice, for sharing it with us, too.
This photograph, by Kim Becwar, of McGregor, Iowa, is of Pikes Peak State Park.  Kim says "This place always inspires me and I'm drawn to it during my quiet times."  Me too, Kim!  Kim is a freelance writer as well as a photographer, and her children's book, called The Dress, has just gone into a second printing.  It was beautifully illustrated by Official Friend of WOMP, Cary Kann!
This photo was taken by Greg Feiwel, of Paducah, Kentucky.  He says that Prairie du Chien (WOMP's hometown) is one of his favorite places on Earth, so he is inspired to take photos whenever he visits the area to go fishing.  This scene, which he calls The Fallfire Trees, is of one of his "secret fishing spots along the Mississippi."
This photograph is from Christina Elrod.  It is an image of Native American author, Spencer Lonetree.  A Ho-Chunk elder, Mr. Lonetree is shown here posing under the actual "lone tree" from which his family name derived.
And this photo is my own.  I am not, as you can see, very good, but I still try.  Yes, I know it is a bit of a cliche, but what do you expect from a novice like me?  It has no "official" name, so let's call it The Road to Fallfire 3!  I hope that you follow me down that road and enter the contest in 2006!  See ya then!
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