Recent WOMP Event!
Way back in 2011 (which barely qualifies as a recent event), I was lucky enough to have my artwork featured in the Crawford County (Wisconsin) Artists' Gallery.  How did that happen?  Anyhoo, here are some pictures and notes on the event...
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Here, below, is the guestbook.  Between the gallery opening event on July 21st, and the following weeks of the show, exactly 150 guests signed in to leave kind messages.
It was also a little strange to see my artwork in frames!  I guess I usually think of my drawings as final steps before reproduction as book illustrations or comics.  To see them on such public display, and treated as though they were "Art" (with a capital "A"), was somewhat surreal.
Recent WOMP Event!
There is not much that's weirder than entering a public building and seeing your name on the wall avove the entryway.  As you can see here, they even included the dates of the show.
It was sort of a big deal, I guess.  I even designed the postcard invitations that were sent out, using scans of one-off "art cards" and elements of recent illustration work.
(oh, and that poster is a special print that was made to show some of my art which features computer editing).
Thankfully, a lot of people came to the see my stuff when the Gallery opened, including family, friends, and even two of my former Art teachers.  I also set up my caricature drawing kit, partly to showcase that element of what I do, but mostly just to stay busy (and to keep my mind off of being so nervous).
I had a great time, in spite of the embarrassment of seeing my goofy doodles treated as though they were "Art."  I have to once again thank the Crawford County Administration Building Art Committee for their support.  The show may be long over, but the uplift that this "one man show" gave me will last for years!