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Below is the cover illustration for a "classic," childhood version of The Adventures of Monkey!  Drawn in 1977 when I was eleven years old, this early comic book story was the inspiration for a whole new Monkey story that is part of the Panels For Primates charity on-line comic anthology.  Click on the image to read the full original (with annotations).  I think that comparing the two stories is a lot of fun (and of course, thoroughly embarrassing)!
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Real name - unknown
Occupation - professional wrestler, criminal mastermind
Powers - drawing psychic energies from the suffering of others, The King of Doom has limited superstrength, virtual invulnerability, and seeming immortality
Backstory - As a boy, he discovered his amazing abilities during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Through the decades, he has been drawn to, and fed by, the world's worst disasters.  Shielded by his many aliases as professional wrestlers from all eras, the man we now know as The King of Doom has spent over a century secretly building his criminal empire as he also built his unnatural strength.
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The King
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