So, you say you've got a hankerin' for some cool Monkey stuff?  LOOK NO FURTHER!  We're small, but we have all kinds of nifty thingamabobs, watchamacallits, and doo-dads for you, the MONKEY-LOVING  PUBLIC!!
- The Adventures of Monkey #1 (item #M1) - $3.50
- HATS - These are sturdy, one-size-fits-all "low-rise" baseball style caps embroidered with the multi-color The Adventures of Monkey logo, and they are 100% AWESOME!!!  Choose from these colors, just $14.00 each!-
- TEE-SHIRTS - Quality embroidered shirts are hard to find, but not at WOMP!  We've got heavyweight tees, perfect for baffling friends ("What the heck is The Adventures of Monkey?"), displaying depth of comic book knowledge ("You've never heard of The Adventures of MonkeyTsk tsk, sir!") or just for LOOKING COOL!  $18.50 each!
- MONKEY STAMP FDC - A First Day of Issue commemorative envelope featuring the "Year of The Monkey" United States Postal Service stamp, this is one of a production run of only SEVEN. It was postmarked on January 13th, 2004 in San Francisco, California (the City of Issue), and sent directly to WOMP in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The stamp is the last in the series of twelve designed by Honolulu based paper-cut artist, Clarence Lee.  The back has info about the comic book Monkey, and the significance of the monkey in the Chinese Zodiac; just $15.00 each.  (item #MFDC1)
So, here's how you order...
There are all sorts of ways to place an order.  Visitors who have a PayPal account can either use the little Shopping Cart buttons next to each item, or can add up an order and send the total on their own to us at our PayPal e-mail address,  Another way to order is by using the link button below to e-mail a message to us, making sure that you list the item numbers of the stuff you're ordering.  If all goes according to plan, within 24 hours we'll send return e-mail  with confirmation of your order being received.  Then, send your check or money-order to us and just sit back and enjoy the anticipation (all orders will also include some cool FREE STUFF)!  Soon you'll be in MONKEY HEAVEN!
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- SERICELS - From a production run of just 25, these limited edition, hand-painted sericels are pretty cool.  We donated one to the annual charity auction at the MCBA Fallcon, and it sold for a LOT more than what we're offering it here for!  Each one comes matted to 11" by 14" in size, and can be signed by John, if you so desire!  $25.00  (item #SC1)
Any of the stuff below can be ordered from us directly by using the PayPal Shopping Cart "Buy This" buttons, or by using the ordering instructions at bottom of the page.  You could also ask your local comics shop if they'll get it for you (dealer inquiries are welcome!)!  All orders are shipped via U.S.P.S. unless otherwise instructed.
- The Adventures of Monkey #2 (item #M2) - $2.50
- The Adventures of Monkey #3 (item #M3) - $2.00
- The Adventures of Monkey #4 (item #M4) - $2.00
- WOMP-SITE SPECIAL (item #A1) - All four issues for just $7.00 (a savings of $3.00).  All comics can be signed upon request.
Red (item #H1)
Blue (item #H2)
Khaki w/ Green (item #H3)
Small (item #SWS)
Medium (item #SWM)
Large (item #SWL)
X-Large (item #SWXL)
Small (item #SGS)
Medium (item #SGM)
Large (item #SGL)
X-Large (item #SGXL)
For orders that total $1.00 to $20.00, please add $4.00 for shipping (PayPal users may pay using the button to the right).
For orders that total $20.50 to $50.00, please add $6.00 for shipping (PayPal users may pay using the button to the right).
For orders over $50.00, or over-seas, please e-mail first (discounts may also apply).
Prices good until 12/31/03 11:59pm cst
Sorry...the RED T-Shirts are all sold out.  See the SPECIALS PAGE for RED sweatshirts... just $7.50 each!