The Adventures of Monkey is a "self-published" comic book, which means that it takes me a LONG time to get each one put together.  Since I am the writer, artist, letterer, inker, editor, publisher, etc., I suppose that this is not surprising!  So that you know when the next issue will be available (& to keep me on schedule), I'll continually try to update this page with the latest developments and progress reports.  Check back occasionally to follow its status!
What a mess!  Can you believe that this will one day be a comic?
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As of right now, Issue # 5, which wraps up the current "This Changes Everything" storyline, is scheduled for release in, oh, let's euphemistically say "The Future."  I also hope to have #6, which will have a "stand alone" story featuring Monkey's evil robotic twin, ROB-X-1, ready shortly after that, and, if all goes well, ready for release within the same year.  Here, below, is the first step in producing T.A.O.M. #5; the gathering and codifying of years of random notes and sketches.  I have added "behind-the-scenes" comments to the photo to help give YOU a real sneak peek!
Look!  This page was actually updated on: November 28, 2007
This is a rough of the 1st page!
This odd-looking vehicle is called The Datavan!
Look!  It's The Dealer...and his comic book shop!
Oh, I'll just come right out and tell ya......Firefly is actually Dr. Prinzi!
OOPS!  More secrets is The Dealer in some sort of battlesuit...hmm...
Ooh!  A sneak peak at the cover!
Now ANNOTATED for your enjoyment!
Dan looks sad...
It's Firefly!