Here, below,  is some of what I've been working on lately...

As seen in the photo above, I recently created a painted drawing of the world famous Pete's Hamburgers stand here in my home town of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  It has been reproduced as postcards!  Pretty nifty!
OK, so I am proud of the artwork that I did for Oziana sue me!  Here is another image from the story that I illustrated.  This one is called "Jommy Being Led To The Forbidden Fountain."
This will take you right back othe first page.
The fabulous Marcus Mebes recently had me draw character studies of some of his favorite Teen Titans.  One that I drew for him was the ever-hot Starfire (who looks a lot different in comics than the version in the new TV show).
Long-time readers of the WOMP-Blog may recall that I drew artwork for a commemorative medallion to be sold during, and in promotion of, The Grand Excursion on The Mississippi River (a flotilla of paddlewheelers that re-enacted a similar event from 1854).  Here it is, front & back!
One of the most exciting projects that I've worked on recently is illustrating a story in the 2004 edition of a publication called Oziana, a magazine dedicated to The Land of OZ!  Here is a sneak peek at my work for the periodical.  This is Bungle, The Glass Cat!
Another character that I drew for the Oziana magazine was Glinda.  Some people know her as "The Good Witch" of Oz, although the books refer to her as a Good Sorceress.
One of the most fun projects that I've had for awhile was designing and drawing this logo artwork for a group of motorcycle enthusiasts (OK, some may call them a gang, I suppose) called, as you can see below, The Purgatory Punks! This art may be seen on a black leather jacket soon!